April 6th, 2010

Little Tomato

The Bold Lulu

Lulu's confidence is really growing.  Yesterday, after school, we went out to walk Babar.  Lulu was on her scooter.  We decided to just go around the block (it's a big block).  So, we're walking and Lulu's riding and she starts getting farther and farther and farther ahead of us.  Next thing I know, she has turned onto the next street, which I couldn't believe - we were still in the middle of the block.  So, I start running and get to the corner and I see her all the way down the street and turning onto the next corner where our apartment is.  So, I'm running and I turn the corner and she had already gone into our apartment building.  It gave me a heart-attack.  She instantly got a very stern lecture from me about waiting at the corner.
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Little Tomato

Lulu + Meowsy

True conversation between Lulu and I last night --

Lulu:  Girls can only marry boys.  I'm going to marry Eli (her cousin).
Mama:  Ok.  But sometimes, girls marry girls......they're called lesbians.
...silence and deep thoughts....
Lulu:  I want to be a lesbian!
Mama: Uh, ok.
Lulu:  I'm going to marry Meowsy (her grandma).
Mama:  Uh, ok.  Why?
Lulu:  Because she's so cute.
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