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Little Miss Lucia
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Friday, April 16th, 2010

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Walking Nessie and Hip Update
Finally I'm posting a video of Little Nessie walking - we are so proud, especially since she spent the first 6 months of her life immobile in a brace/cast.  We made a visit to her orthopedist yesterday, which is always stressful, and generally, all is looking good.  Some of the bad things that could have happened are not happening (wahoo), the femur is growing perfectly into the socket, the hip sockets have formed well, but she does has a little residual hip dysplasia on the left side, which means her hip in a little loose but nothing to do anything about or worry about for now.  We have another appointment in 6 months but overall, we are really happy!!!!!!  GO NESSIE GO!!!!

Current Mood: happy
Lulu's Big Sister
Lulu was very pleased to have a big sister for the morning.  Ava, the 1st grader (notice how tall she is!), was visiting from San Francisco, while her mom went to the Regis and Kelly Show.  Here they are looking for "perches" in Central Park.

Current Mood: cheerful
Girl Fights
The girls like to fight over the most ridiculous things.  Here they are both pushing and screaming and crying over who gets the best placement in front of the oven to watch the cookies.  I think Nessie won....

Current Mood: amused

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