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Little Miss Lucia
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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

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Inside Lulu's Head
A few words from the ever wise Lulu --

- At school on Monday, a mom was doing a project with the kids and she asked them if they knew what an anthropologist does -- Lulu answered, "She uses nail polish".  Anthropologist = manicurist, Nice try Lulu!!!!

- Last night, she got mad at Kevin and I and she said, "I don't like my parents, my favorites are not my family.  I only like Meowsy, Nessie and my own self."

Current Mood: amused
And How Can I Forget This One...
Today our housekeeper was here cleaning....and I am not crazy about her....and I kindly gave her some quick directions to please clean the top of the espresso machine which she never does and was covered in coffee grinds and dust.....and our housekeeper looked at me with a blank stare as if I were crazy and walked away.....and seconds later Lulu says, "Mama, I don't think she is listening to you".  Thank you Lulu, you are right!!!!

Current Mood: amused
Nessie on the Move

Current Mood: cheerful
Central Park Stroll
We took Nessie for a stroll down the mall in Central Park this past weekend. It was her first walk outside in public. She was beyond adorable, the tourists were snapping away. Lots more Nessie (and Lulu) here!

Current Mood: cheerful

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