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Little Miss Lucia
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Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

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It's a HE!!!!
He's named, he's got an outfit already picked out for his departure from the hospital....and he's not coming until October.  But we are already ready for our little baby boy's arrival!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: cheerful
Nessie Clean Up

Current Mood: amused
Lulu's school celebrated Carnaval last week -- here's Lulu (with pink eye) walking in the parade.  And Nessie being cute watching.

Current Mood: cheerful
New Ride

The fun is never-ending for Lulu on this bouncy chair!

Current Mood: amused
Nessie is such a character these days.  Here she is reading on her favorite dog bed and modeling a new style of shirt (she's even saying "Cheese", which she'll say when I ask to take her photo).

Current Mood: amused

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