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Little Miss Lucia
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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

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Lulu's 4th Birthday Party
Photos taken by Grandma Meow to come...but my favorite story of the day -- We threw Lulu her 4th birthday party in Central Park and we arrive to the park with all our stuff to set up and Lulu was playing and flashes me...she didn't put underwear on.   Dada, who was on his way already in a cab, had to turn around and pick up some undies for her.

Lulu & BFF Lola

Current Mood: amused
Ballerina in Training
Lulu had her ballet recital today (recital = a regular class parents can sit in and watch).  It was very pink and sparkly and princessy and cute.  Lulu was smiling (or concentrating) the entire time and was very graceful.

Current Mood: impressed
Water Baby

Nessie enjoyed her first NYC fountain today.  She was laughing hysterically at Lulu in the beginning and then got brave and joined in on the fun.  She was adorable.  (More pics to come taken by Miss Meowsy)

Current Mood: amused

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