June 4th, 2010

Little Tomato

The Swimmer

Lulu just completed her last swimming lesson until the Fall season and her teacher has graduated her to the big pool.  Go Lulu!  Lulu can "almost" swim (and no Ompa, that doesn't mean you can take her swimming in the ocean!).  Every time Lulu thinks about the promotion, she reminds me that she "doesn't want to go in the big pool".  She's intimidated.

In other news, Nessie is becoming more and more of a Lulu-wannabe -- the other day, I made them both sippy cups of water.  I know Lulu always has to have a purple/pink top and lid, so I always give Nessie the yellow.  When I gave them their cups, Nessie screamed and pushed hers away.  She didn't want the yellow.  I then made Nessie a pink/purple one and she immediately grabbed it and drank it right up.
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