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Little Miss Lucia
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Thursday, July 29th, 2010

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Gourmet Lulu
She eats quail eggs...loved the braised oxtail made by Dada....and absolutely loves clams.  Just another day in the life of our little gourmet Lulu.

Current Mood: cheerful
Happy 10-Years, Dada!
Kev and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary of meeting each other...which means, I get pretty flowers!!!!

Current Mood: cheerful
Holy Barbie!
Barbie has been introduced to our household.  And holy Barbie is all I can say.  Last week, I was re-united with my great friend from college, Lauren, who does marketing for Barbie.   So this morning, our doorman presented us with a giant package addressed to Lulu from Mattel.  The box was filled with Lulu's new BFF, Barbie.  Thank you a million, Lauren -- Lulu has been playing silently all day with her giant Barbie collection...perfect too because I'm tired today, was in no mood to entertain the kiddies in the 90 degree heat and am going out again tonight.  Nessie got in on the fun as well -- she loved flushing the toilet that made noise and brushing Barbie's hair.

Current Mood: amused
Nessie Dear

Hanging out with Nessie is always an interesting adventure.  On the left, you'll find her at the Museum of Natural History scrubbing the floors with my glasses cleaning cloth.  And on the right, she's getting attention by sucking her big toe, still as flexible as ever.

Current Mood: amused

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