August 14th, 2010

Little Tomato

Delicious Sisters

It has been really fun watching the two girls become such darling friends this summer.  There are times during the day when they are really playing together.  Nessie is always running after Lulu and, as you can see from the photos, always has one eye on her.  It's delicious!!!!!  They love to play house together and do ballet.

One really cute little thing Nessie started -- the girls like to press the elevator button together.  After they press it, they always hug each other.  I don't know why but they always have to hug. 
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Little Tomato

Picnic with Lulu

A 4-year old can actually be a really productive helper when you get them the right accessories.  Here's Lulu carting her toys to Central Park for a picnic.  Thanks Lulu!
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