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Little Miss Lucia
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Friday, October 15th, 2010

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The Artist
These days, Lulu is almost always spending her free time drawing girly girl pictures.  She says that she doesn't know how to draw boys.  She sure knows how to draw girls though -- complete with crowns, earrings, bows and high heels. Oh details, details!!!

Current Mood: cheerful
Mr. Bundles Update

Our lil' Leo (aka - Mr. Bundles) is adjusting quite well to life outside Mama.  He sleeps all day, whines when he's hungry, grunts when he's pooping -- he does like to wake up in the middle of the night for a few hours while he hiccups, farts, poops and eats.  Mama is hitting a wall of exhaustion but he's so soft and kissable that I think I can manage a few more sleepless nights.

(I also want to note that I still hate breastfeeding like I've hated it with the last 2 babes.  In the beginning, I seem to like to produce milk for an entire family which makes for some huge, painful, full boobs.  I'll keep going though like I always do.)

Current Mood: cheerful
Stone Barns Photos
Here are a few darling photos from our trip to Stone Barns last month courtesy of Yuna's dad, Andre.

Current Mood: cheerful
Nessie Update
Good news on the hip front -- Nessie's hips are looking great, 90% perfect. We are thrilled. She does walk a tad bit pigeon-toed which is from her sitting in a W. The girl is still uber-flexible. This is common though for her age. Go Nessie!

Current Mood: cheerful
First Day of School
A little late but here are a few photos taken by Lola's mama from the first day of school.  Lulu, as you can see from her wild ride on the slide, has definitely toughened up since her first days at the packed NYC parks.

Current Mood: cheerful

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