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Little Miss Lucia
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Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

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Brown-Eyed Boy

Not much has changed with Leo...he farts like crazy and still sleeps a lot (I give him an A+ during the day and a B during the night).  He loves to curl up and sleep on my chest.  He cries, but once you pick him up, he's content again.  My question is...how does he already have such a great tan?

Current Mood: cheerful
Halloween Morn'
Here's the Nessie way...she finds a Reese's Pieces on Halloween morning, carries it around for a while, then completely ignores both parents telling her not to open it.

Current Mood: amused
The Devil Called Nessie

Oh yes, isn't she cute and sweet and so smiley?  That is what EVERYBODY says....except me and Kevin!  There is a reason why Nessie's favorite book right now is 'Where The Wild Things Are' -- she can relate well to the characters.  She is the opposite of Lulu and literally won't listen to any rules until I threaten that I'm going to throw her in her "cuna" (spanish for crib).  "No cuna, no cuna", she'll say.  I fight with her every morning about getting in the stroller.  She is so opinionated about everything - since birth, she's known what she wants...and doesn't want.  And if you try to force something she doesn't want, you'll be sorry!!!!!

Current Mood: cheerful

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