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Little Miss Lucia
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Saturday, December 4th, 2010

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X-Mas Time & Gingerbread
3rd Annual Gingerbread decorating -- this time, 3 large houses for the big girls, a medium-sized house for Nessie and mini's for the Mama's!  Such fun!

Current Mood: cheerful
Nessie's Gingerbread
Nessie took the prize for best gingerbread house decorator! Maybe she has one similarity to Mama after all! She was so focused and decorated (and nibbled candy) as long as the big girls did!

Current Mood: cheerful
Nessie's Golden Mullet
If you haven't noticed already, Nessie has a serious mullet - we call it her "Carol Brady Golden Mullet" and it's the real deal. It looks especially handsome after she wears a hat (see photos below).

Current Mood: amused

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