January 25th, 2011

Little Tomato

A Tale of Nessie and a Big Girl Bed

There is a reason why Kevin and I tell people that Nessie won't get to sleep in a big girl bed until she is married. 

The "cuna" (spanish for crib) is like her jailcell in many ways.  She sleeps there.  She goes there when she is naughty.  When we threaten to put her in her "cuna", she'll behave herself most of the time.  So, on our little getaway to New Orleans, 5 whole nights of it, there was no "cuna" for Nessie...only her very own big girl bed.  Oh boy.

Here's a little recap --
Night #1 -- Nessie falls out of bed around 4am.

Night #2 -- Kevin checks on Nessie before we went to bed and comes in panicked that Nessie is not in her bed.  He checks again.  She is indeed in her bed...sleeping completely under her covers and it just looks like ruffled up sheets.

Night #3 -- Nessie calls my name at 2am, I deliriously run in without light or my glasses and am checking her bed.  She is nowhere to be found.  I call for Kevin.  He turns on the light and we find Nessie.  She is a deer in headlights, standing next to Lulu's bed.  Up until now, she has been too chicken to get off the bed on her own.  Not anymore.

Night #4 -- Check on Nessie at 5am.  Her feet are sleeping on her pillow, she's sideways and her head is coming close to falling off the bed.

Night #5 -- Nessie would not go to bed.  I finally threaten that she has to sleep in the bathroom.  She happily accepted.  I put her in the bathroom, lie her on the marble floor, turn off the lights and close the door.  About a minute later, I open the door and ask her again where she wants to sleep, her bed or the bathroom.  She thinks about it with this michevious little grin, and says she wants to sleep in the bathroom.  This time, I get her pillow, I lie her down again, turn off the lights, close the door and say good-night.  She stayed about 3 minutes (possibly more, the girl is brave and stubborn).  I opened the door and yep, she's still lying there on the floor, looking like she's actually enjoying herself.  This time, she says she wants to sleep in the bed.  So, I take her to her bed and tuck her in.  About 5 minutes later, I hear her calling me from the bedroom, asking to sleep in the bathroom.

Life is one big game for dear Nessie and I am frightened!

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