March 21st, 2011

Little Tomato

The Ski Bunny

I have to tell the tale of Lulu's first experience on the real ski slopes.  We got 5 days of skiing in this season.  In Mammoth, they begin "big kid" all-day ski school when kids are 5 years old, so she wasn't quite ready for that class yet.  So, we signed her up for the toddler class, the same class she did last year.  We figured this season she would get on the chairlift, but if she wasn't ready, I wasn't going to push her (unlike some Ompa's I know would do!).  The last thing I want is for her to hate skiing.  When we picked her up on her 1st day of ski school, she was in the major baby class, I don't think she had to try very hard.  The 2nd day, she went up the toddler rope tow and made some improvement but definitely not anywhere near ready for the chairlift and the 4-mile run that goes with it.  On the 4th day, it was a major blizzard.  Of course, we sent Lulu to ski school.  About 1/2 hour before picking her up, Kev and I were going up the chairlift and I look down and I see Lulu going down with her teacher.  I was so proud.  Since she was one of few kids in ski school that day, she basically got a private lesson and they felt that she was ready for the slopes - she was able to stop on a dime and turn.  Craziness!  The 5th day, she went up again with her teacher and then, my mom and I took her up again.  She was amazing.  But holy crap, it is stressful skiing with a little one - I was in overly protective Mama Bear mode!!!!  Go Lulu!
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