August 7th, 2011

Little Tomato

Too Far Behind

I'm just starting from now and eventually I'll catch up with Kid Krim news.

At 2.6 years old, Nessie is just beginning on the road to potty training.  Tonight while Kevin and I were eating dinner, Lulu and Nessie were in the bathroom pooping, Lulu on the big toliet and Nessie on the kid one.  It's always a treat for Kevin to take a break from his dinner to wipe poppy butts.

Nessie is currently obsessed with ballerina's.  Daily, she comes out of her room, beaming, dressed in a leotard (or bathing suit if no clean leotards) with a tutu.  She wore ballet slippers and pink leotard on her bike ride with Dada today.
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