October 29th, 2011

Little Tomato

Leo Leo Lito, Tito Tito!

A few weeks ago, Leo was having some serious growing pains. To communicate, he was making a high-pitch screech almost all day. He was sleeping horribly. He was really annoying us all. But now, just a week later, he is a transformed child!!! He now sleeps 12 hours at night, he is "talking", waving, eating and drinking a ton. He has 1 lone tooth (it popped up around 11.5 months). He's crawling normally but also still does the inchworm when he really wants to go fast. However, the poor boy doesn't show much interest in cars or trucks (for the record, he is not deprived of boy toys - we have a large box of cars/trucks). What he really likes to do is play in the house with his sisters, mixing with a little bowl and spoon. Drawing and the markers are his other favorite thing.  He does like to climb though -- he climbed right up the kitchen stool to pose for this photo.
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