June 14th, 2012

Little Tomato

Lulu and Eva

Here's Lulu with her friend, Eva (Eva is half Puerto Rican, can't you tell???!!!).  She has 1 1/2 weeks of school left and she's had a really great school year.  We're so proud.

She also continues to make the rounds through all the boys in the class.  Apparently, she's back together with Martin though...
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Little Tomato

Fingers in The Elevator etc

My motherly skills were really tested yesterday.....

It started with an innocent subway ride to The Highline in Chelsea with Leo, Nessie and my friend Lucy and her kids, Micheal and Alex.  When we arrived downstairs in the station, our subway was there, so I went to hop on, pushing stroller with my left hand and holding Nessie's hand with my right.  I push Leo in, the subway doors begin to close and literally, the doors were almost completely closed with my arm in the door, Leo completely inside the subway and my body and Nessie out.  With all my motherly might, I pushed the doors open with my left arm, while still holding the stroller and Nessie's hand.  I have a scraped, bruised arm because when those doors close, they close hard, don't they Ompa?!!!  And I think, what if I let go of the stroller, Leo would have been taking a ride downtown by himself.  Anyway, it was all in a days work of a city mom.  I was completely calm about the whole thing.  Crazy.

The next incident was much more tramatic though and may make you want to vomit (don't worry, Nessie still has all her fingers).  We had a lovely time at The Highline, it's a great place for kids.  We were waiting for the elevator, and Nessie and Micheal were playing too close to the doors and at the worst possible moment, Nessie put her hands on the doors and next thing I see, the doors began to open and  Nessie fingers were sucked into the cracks of the door.  The doors stopped opening once the fingers were jammed in.  It was an awful sight and Nessie was SCREAMING.  I tugged at the fingers and they were stuck.  So apparently (the whole thing is a blur, really), I told my friend to go in the elevator and press door open.  She did, the doors opened again and Nessie was free.  OMG, freaking heart attack.  Her fingers are a bit swollen but totally fine.  And she is still as wild as ever!!!  One of my more awful mommy experiences!!!!
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