September 30th, 2012

Little Tomato

2nd Birthday

We celebrated Leo's 2nd birthday today and a great birthday it was.  He's been receiving great presents all week, then woke up this morning to many more -- train tracks, this Brio tunnel and subway.  The 3 kids have been fighting over the toys all fact, Nessie took the tunnel to bed with her which Kevin later removed. We spent the day in the Hudson Valley, picnicking and picking apples at Minard Farms.  Then, picking pumpkins straight from the vine at a nearby patch.
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Little Tomato


Here's Leo and his Pinkalicious-inspired cupcakes (one of his favorite books).  It's 10:04pm and all 3 kids are still wide awake and wild in bed....think I put too much sugar in those things?  Lito finally says he's 2...for the longest time, he liked to say he was 4.  Such an adorable boy he is!!!

Update -- 10:27pm -- all 3, still wild.
Update II -- 10:49pm -- all 3, still awake.  Nessie crying hysterically.
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