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Nessie Update

Nessie's surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday (originally scheduled for Monday but was switched).  They call it a surgery because she'll be put under anestesia but really, they'll just be removing her cast, hopefully giving her a long bath, then injecting the area around her hips with some dye to be able to see what's going on, moving her little hips around to see how they're doing, then either putting the cast back on or putting her in a brace....a brace that she'll wear until she starts walking, then only at night until she is 2.  Ahhhhh!  Our Dr. admits that he is very conservative, so we'll have a little flexibilty (meaning, taking it on and off) with the brace.  Of course though, we'll be very strict with it in the beginning.  Nothing can be worst than the cast, so we're actually pretty fine with everything!  It's just crazy how Dr.'s keep rolling out news for us.  Who knew that 2 little displaced hips could cause so much trouble.  And, as for Tuesday, I'm planning on the cast being put back on.  And if that really is the case, we just will not be able to make any trips out to NYC before we move.  The girls and I will be there soon enough!!!!

did you know that...
Nessie really likes attention!

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