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In NYC....

We're spending the week in NYC - I flew with the girls, alone, on Wednesday. It was a flight (actually two flights) I've been dreading since I made the reservation. We left for the airport at 5am, flew to LA where we met my parents (yes, meow-meow only has one working arm due to a suergery) and amazingly enjoyed a nice 5 hour flight on Virgin to JFK. My seat partners, Lulu and Nessie, were wonderful travel companions. Mama was very proud (and relieved!). It's been non-stop action over here since we arrived -- we've been apartment hunting (fun!), stopped by Lulu's preschool (LOVE!), stopped by the Bloomberg offices (hi dada!) and are super excited about our new city. I gave Lulu her birthday present a few days early -- a toddler-safe digital camera -- and she's been LOVING it ever since, snapping photos of just about everything. The third photo is of her snapping a photo of a squirrel climbing down the trunk of a tree in Central Park. I'm so proud of the girls - Nessie loves the non-stop action of the city and will hardly nap during the day, so she's always a super brat around dinner time. And Lulu had a blast hanging out with her new classmates at La Escuelita - she fit in perfectly and was totally comfortable in the spanish-speaking environment.  Gotta go see an apartment on W 69th!!

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