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Oh boy, we've been non-stop action over here.  We've spent the past 5 days in LA (without Dada, which means more work for me!) for Doddle's baby shower, a baby shower for Nessie and a trip to Disneyland.  Yes, Disneyland...with a 3 year old, a 5-month old with a brace and a granny with a arm in a sling.  HA!  I'm glad I didn't think too much about the trip before going because I definitely would have chickened out.  But I don't have time to think about much these days, so we went!!!!  :-)  And I'm glad we did because we had tons of fun.  It's a Small World was Nessie's favorite ride and Dumbo is still Lulu's!   There was a moment of panic though -- It happened to be super crowded yesterday, and at lunchtime when I pick Nessie out of the stroller and she had a HUGE explosive poop that was everywhere.  She was mad too.  Once I cleaned her and fed her, she was a happy little girl again.  She is just the sweetest!

Nessie, I just love her.  I have some hilarious video's to post but she is so obsessed with hair.  Poor Lulu, everytime Lulu's hair is in the vicinity of her reach, Nessie yanks it!   And Lulu, I just love her.  She is so funny and is such a conversationalist.  We were driving home from dinner and I had to sit in the trunk because there were no seats for me, and Lulu asks, "Mama, what does it feel like to ride back there?". 

On Friday, when I was sitting at the airport waiting for my dad to pick us up, Nessie was happily playing in her car seat and Lulu was sitting on our luggage eating a lollipop, I felt like the luckiest mama ever.  We really miss you though Dada and can't wait until Thursday!!!!!!!

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