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Mom Moments

Two stories from yesterday --

Lulu slept most of the flight yesterday and woke up right before landing....and of course had to go pee, really badly.  She started wimpering and I was like holy crap.  But brilliant me always travels with extra pull-ups.  So, a few minutes before landing, I pull her jeans down, put on a pull-up over her underwear, pulled up her pants and she was free to pee.  Relief!  Then, we were driving home from the airport in a taxi and we were literally 3 minutes from our house and Lulu says, "I'm going to barf, I'm going to barf".  I look around and see my purse and that is it - nothing to catch the barf.  Next thing I know, she's barfing all over the both of us and on the taxi.  Oh boy!  It was grosssssss!

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