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Nessie Bragging

I have a few bragging words to write about Nessie -- she is such a sweetie and doing all sorts of "Nessie" things these days.

- For the past 3 weeks, Lulu and Nessie have been sleeping together in their bedroom and amazingly, it's been fine.  Once Nessie falls asleep at night (around 9-9:30ish), she sleeps until morning.
- We think she's a lefty.  She "waves" with her left hand all the time and uses her left leg to move herself around while on her back.  It's hilarious.
- She is such a chatterbox.  She's making many different sounds - Babababa, Mamama, Gagaga (unlike her big sis) and lately she puckers her little lips (looking like she's whistling) to talk.  It's so Nessie.  And one of her favorite things are at night when I read Lulu a book - she is vocalizing the entire storytime.
- Lulu can make Nessie laugh hysterically for long periods of time.  One time, Lulu was jumping, another time she was playing with a ball and Nessie was non-stop giggling.  It's so funny and cute that I crack up too.  She has a laugh like Lulu.  In so many ways, they remind me of each other - sometimes I look at photos of Lulu and I think of Nessie. 
- We are still pretty militant about wearing the brace but when we take it off, she wiggles and kicks like crazy.  This girl is going to be an athlete.
- Her head is in the 90 percentile...but I think Lulu's was too around this age.  Big brains!
- Nessie loves to play peek-a-boo.  She intentionally puts blankets over her face, then I'll pull it off, and she'll put it back on again.  Sometimes, I'll look down at her after not noticing her for a while and she'll be sitting there with a blanket over her face.
- When she gets excited (which is really often), her whole body moves and her little legs sticking out of her brace go wild.  She's like a marionette puppet.  It's so funny.  She is such a little doll.

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