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We Made It

Wow, what an emotional rollarcoaster the past few days have been. The movers packed up our house on Monday -- we were so disorganized and the movers were so fast that they kept packing our really important things that needed to come on the airplane with us like the dog leash, kevin's work stuff, kevin's clothes and sunglasses....! It was pretty funny. Monday night we spent the night with Michelle Obama (really!) at The Fairmont and were upgraded to "The Venice Suite" -- it was the perfect ending (and view) to our wonderful past 9 years in San Francisco. The boxes were packed into the truck on Tuesday and the truck was gone by noon leaving us in a really really sad, lonely home. In the bottom right photo, Lulu took a nap on the floor (she slept about 1 hour like that). Our feral outdoor kitty, Minette, was domesticated in the pat few weeks and kindly adopted by Ompa (my dad), she'll be spending her next life in Manhattan Beach. Tuesday night, we took the red-eye to JFK -- 8 checked bags and a large greyhound. It was traumatic but he survived and is now sleeping happily on our corporate apt. couch. Today we rented an apartment at 75th/Colombus in the La Rochelle building on the Upper West Side and will be moving in early July. What else...? I'm exhausted in every possible way but wow, I can't believe we pulled this off. Things that still need to be done -- get the house rented (we have a great rental broker that we just started working with) & find Dr.'s for the kiddies. Lulu starts a Spanish playgroup tomorrow. And Nessie just hit herself in the face with a plastic toy and is screaming - gotta go!!!!!!!

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