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Oh boy -- this update isn't going to sound so good but it actually has little to do with NYC (which we are really loving).  I'll start with our corporate's a dump.  It is my idea of a living hell - there are 3 North-West facing windows which all face brick walls, so the apartment is like a dark jail cell.  I'd rather live in a tent in the jungles of India than here.  The absolute worst part about it is that I have absolutely no cell phone reception.  So, I cannot call anybody to vent.  With the kiddies, there are many hours of the day spent at home (nap time, breastfeeding etc), and I cannot call a single person nor can they call me.  I have a new iphone too.  Kill me now. 

Nextly, Nessie....she's obviously going through some major brain developments right now (she just turned 6 months).  Today, she screamed almost all day long, except of course when she's in my arms.  She doesn't sleep well at night, wakes up early and took her first nap today at 3:30pm.  She was dead exhausted but kept going until she fell asleep in my arms as pissed as can be.  The entire building must hear the screaming.  All I want to do is vent to my mom and I cannot even call on my cell phone and for some lame reason, the land-line in this dungeon doesn't work either. 

I knew this time living in this corporate dungeon was going to be the hardest part of this transition.  I still don't know when we're moving into our new place.  The transition from SF living to NYC living is actually going to be pretty easy though.  In SF, I was walking distance to everything - the pediatrician, great shopping, farmers market, everything.  And NYC, the location of our new apartment is blocks from everything, including 1-block from a good Sunday farmers market.  Wahooo - love it.

Here are some other funny updates:
-  Babar is obsessed with the squirrels in the parks.  OBSESSED.  He hunts them all walk long.  And today he almost pounced some pigeons.  I hold his leash like he's a wild horse, I swear.  It's like hunting heavan for him in these NYC parks.  I laugh but I'm also freaked out too.  Between Nessie in a brace, Lulu and Babar, we are a main attraction on the streets of NYC.  And you should see us all pile into the smelly elevator of this gross apartment building - I just know one of these days Babar's tail will get closed in the elevator door.
-  I wanted to post this with a video but Nessie, you can tell this girl has got brains.  About a month ago, she started "waving".  I didn't think she was really waving but I didn't know why she would constantly wave her left arm in her bouncy chair.  A few weeks ago when Meow-Meow was visiting, she observed that Nessie would wave her arm to make her chair bounce.  Non-stop she is bouncing herself in the bouncy chair.  It's hilarious when she gets mad, then starts waving her arm to bounce herself.  Clever clever Nessie - she's definitely Harvard bound.  ;-)
- I remember somebody saying that 3 year olds are much tougher than 2 year olds.  I didn't believe it until now that I have a 3 year old.  3 year olds are smart and like to experiment with what they can get away with.  Lulu, oh boy, she is such a pest - helpful and lovable as can be but a pest.  All day long, she's pushing my buttons.  Here's an example (although I'm sure there are better ones) -- in the bath, I tell her to wash her face, there is food all over it.  So, she puts some soap on her finger and puts the soap on her lips like it's lipstick.  Things like this...all day long.  And yesterday after her first day of playgroup, she cried hysterically because she didn't want to leave.
-  The way Lulu dresses herself is too cute.  Dresses matched with skirts and a pair of shorts underneath and always her golden sandals.  She is so "fashionable".

Oh god, I wish I had cell phone service.  Venting over the computer is just not the same.  Oh boy. 

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