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Our First Rainstorm

The girls and I got caught in our first rainstorm today.  It was downpouring and amazingly, these California girls were prepared (unlike Auntie Teddy!!!  :-))!  We had to walk 20 blocks, Lulu was riding in the stroller with the plastic rain cover on (and actually took a nap), my purse in her lap and Nessie was in the baby bjorn under the umbrella with me.  I pushed the stroller with one arm and we were all good.   It was pretty hilarious walking up and down the ramps of the sidewalks where all the water collects - I was up to my shins in water.  Luckily I was wearing $2 shoes from Chinatown!   All I know is that I never ever ever want to get caught in one of those rainstorms unprepared!

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