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She's Free

(Whoa, those photos below posted from my iphone are really big - must fix!) This is the first time I've been on a computer in an entire week but I had to announce this wonderful news...
NESSIE'S FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to our new orthopedist (Dr. Vitale recommended by our SF orthopedist), they x-rayed her, then we met with Dr. Vitale and everything is looking great. She doesn't need to wear the brace anymore....but I actually talked the dr. into making her wear it at night, just in case! She'll be checked again in 3 months, once her femur has developed more. So, this afternoon, she rolled and played and played and rolled and played and played and she's completely exhausted herself and went to bed at 8pm. So funny. She still can't do much but she's a determined little girl - we think she'll be crawling in no time! Go Nessie Go!

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