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Our Little Nessie

Our lil' Nessie is becoming quite a character.  I don't even know where to begin with her - she is nothing like Lulu but I think she is the most hilarious, happy, darling gerber baby around.  Firstly, this little girl DOES NOT sleep on airplanes....cross-country flights and she still won't sleep.  We were in the last 30 minutes of our flight yesterday from LA and she hadn't slept and started screaming for about 10 minutes.  Our fellow passengers were very nice about it but Nessie, Nessie, Nessie!!!!!

We spent most of our time in Manhattan Beach at the beach, so of course I had to take Nessie down to the water.  I was sure she would cry when I dunked her legs in but instead she made these piercing screams.  Each time she'd get close to the water, she'd let out a terrified scream.  Then, I'd bring her back into my arms and she'd hold onto my shoulder so tight and would nuzzle her head into me.  Then, I'd put her legs in and she would lift them up so that she wouldn't have to touch the water.  She finally got used to it around the 6th dunk, but it was hilarious. She did love watching Lulu frolic in the water. This little girl knows what she wants and doesn't want!!!

And my funniest story about this little pistol is last night when we arrived home to our NYC apartment.  Tet-Tet was at our place with Babar and was holding Nessie.  And Babar came over to Tet-Tet and brushed against her and against Nessie's foot.  Nessie let out the most piercing, high-pitch, terrified scream I've ever heard come out of her - it was louder than her screams in the ocean (and opps, it was 1:30am, sorry neighbors).  The little girl was trembling.  She was genuinely scared of Babar.  I didn't know that infants had emotions like that...but then again, Nessie was smiling and communicating at 2 weeks old!!!  Then, I took Nessie into my arms and being the mean mom I am, went back over to Babar to re-introduce the two.  She screamed and shook again even louder.  Our little Nessie is scared of Babar.  In Manhattan Beach, she was surrounded by cats and was not afraid of them.  It was as if just last night she just realized that he really is the size of a small horse.  Hilarious!!!

Lastly, my camera has broken.  Boo hoo. Must get that fixed pronto!!!!

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