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Classic First Child

Lulu is the classic first child -- she likes to follow the rules and does not like to make mistakes! She's been looking forward to a playdate with her new preschool classmate Isabella, who happens to live 1 block from us. All week, she'd ask about her playdate (this poor kid is starving for some playmates). She'd say, "I like the name Isabella more than Lulu" and "Is it almost 2 o'clock (the time of the playdate)"? Anyway, of course the day of the playdate rolls around and Lulu is sneezing all morning (major cold symptom) and is devastated at the thought of not meeting Isabella today. I couldn't say no, so we went over to her apartment but I told Lulu to try not to sneeze the entire time we are at her house and don't mention that you may be getting sick. So, amazingly, she didn't sneeze one single time while they played and as soon as we exited their apartment building, without us even asking, Lulu said, "I didn't even sneeze one time" and then she sneezed.

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