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More About Swimming....

So, Lulu did a wonderful job in her swimming lesson -- she paid attention, followed directions and was a great little swimmer.  You could tell that with each minute of the class, her confidence was building....!  The last 5 minutes of class, all the kids were sitting on the wall and the teachers were teaching the kids how to do sit-jumps.  Lulu is an expert, got a little too excited and dove right in without a teacher ready for her.  The teacher yelled at her and next thing I know, she is hysterically crying...inconsolable.  The teacher of course apologized at the end of class but I agreed with him that he needed to be stern about that.  And it was a very good lesson for Lulu to learn, so when she calmed down, we had a nice long chat about it.  When we were in the elevator though, Lulu said, "Let's not tell Meowsy (who is in town right now) about the really bad thing I did today at swimming".


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