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Preschool Illness

It's no joke about kids getting sick a lot their first year of preschool....when I picked Lulu up Friday, her third day of school, she was close to tears and looking tired.  Sure enough, she had a fever.  We had one of our uglier nights last night with the two kids.  Lulu woke up at 1:40am with a high fever, was dreaming about spiders and bees in her bed, then threw up in the hallway.  Then, the worst part of all, the wild child Nessie woke up, who then kept us up until almost 5am.  Nessie is going crazy in development right now and between almost crawling, sitting up, laying down, talking, kicking me, pulling my hair, getting stuck between the bars of her crib and just being her crazy self, she could not seem to relax and get back to bed.  The remaining part of the night, I was lucky enough to sleep with Nessie in Lulu's twin bed.  Then, she woke me up to a huge prune poop in the morning.  Thanks, Ness!

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