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Our Other Baby

I can't leave this hilarious Babar story off the blog.  Kev and I always talk about how Babar won the greyhound lottery - eating the reminants of our artisan cheeses, grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, 3 walks a day through Central Park - Ridiculous.

So, the other day, Kevin was in the elevator with Babar and a gay man who lives in our building.  He was telling Kevin that his friends greyhound just died.  Then, he looked at Babar and said, "You were thrown off the track and landed your butt in a big tub of butter".  PRICELESS!  I think Minette, our feral cat in SF, can say that about her new life in Manhattan Beach too! 

Another funny story about Babar -- Our neighbors with a greyhound named Miles mentioned that Babar had come to see them the other day...huh?  I guess I had left the door open, Babar wandered out and went over to Miles apartment to say hi.  He stayed a few minutes, then, he walked himself right on home.  Hilarious Babar.


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