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The Budding Artist

Lulu is overflowing with creativity these days.  She is such a little artist in progress.  She's comfortable drawing anything and what she draws looks accurate.  Her little head people have graduated to having bodies and clothes and always accessories.  Yesterday, I saw her taping these random flowers that she found on the floor onto her doll Amy's ears for, I love that she sees something on the floor that I would instantly throw in the trash and do something super cute with them.  I'm melting.  And the alphabet these days, she is obsessed with - mostly writing it.  She can write almost all the letters without really even knowing them and will just start writing letters anywhere and a lot of them.  Her memory for copying and writing is impressive.  And, she is constantly decorating the house.  She draws things, then hangs things up with tape in different parts of the house.  One day, when she was really sick last week, the one time she got out of bed all day was to go see her Art Center.  Then, she lied down on the floor and wanted to go to sleep again.

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