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Happy 16-Months, Yesterday!

I didn't remember it was Nessie's 16-month birthday yesterday until late last night -- Nessie is sick again with the same double-ear-infection she has had for the past 1.5 months (it was the first time I cried in the pediatricians office because she screams in pain when they check her little ears).  We are on our third round of antibiotics and Nessie was not feeling well yesterday.  But she did manage to perk up with a dosage of Motrin.  Nessie often likes to use the piano as her own little perch, it's just her size.

She is the most darling of characters these days and we are learning more about her each day.  We have always known that Nessie knows what she wants and will freak out if she doesn't get it.  Well, I've also learned that she is not going to be happy when baby #3 (sex will be known on May 10) arrives.  She still likes to be held a lot and she especially loves to plunk herself in peoples laps.  A few days ago, I was sitting on the floor playing with the kiddies and Nessie came over and sat herself in my lap.  Then, Lulu came over and sat herself in my lap (so they were both on my lap).  Nessie immediately started pushing Lulu off my lap and pulling her hair to make her go away.  She wanted Miss Mama all to herself!

Nessie's favorite thing to do these days is to walk around pushing something, usually the stroller or the shopping cart.  She fills it with the most random stuff, steers it quite well but gets super annoyed (like, tantrum-style annoyed sometimes) when she gets stuck. 

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