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Lulu's 4th Birthday Party

Here are some photos from Lulu's Hula-Hooping birthday party madness in Central Park.  There were swings, wagon rides, hula hoops, a birthday parade, bubbles -- the kids had lots of fun.  Here are some photos of Lulu raiding the candy jar.  And you notice she is her mother's daughter - unlike the other kids who just stuck their hands in, picked out the candy and ate it, Lulu is carefully putting her candy in a wax paper bag.  Details, details!!!  :-)

...but my favorite story of the day -- we arrive to the park with all our stuff to set up and Lulu was playing and flashes me...she didn't put underwear on.   Dada, who was on his way already in a cab on his third roundtrip, had to turn around and pick up some undies for her.

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