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A Visit to the Countryside

We spent the weekend in Litchfield, Connecticut -- at the country home of a fellow Bloomberg employee.  It was the perfect country get-away and a delicious taste of country living, complete with peony-picking, delicious food and wine, a hammock and 9 zillion photo ops.

Here is a slideshow of the girls in the country.  They both loved it - However, Lulu did say that, "Country houses are gross", I asked her why and she told me that there were too many bugs.  Agreed on that, Lulu!!!!

Here is the slideshow of the home - it consisted of the main home (1800's), the guest house (1700's) and the most darling rustic barn you'll ever see.  Tiny doorways, original flooring, vintage wallpaper and decor - Staying there was my idea of heaven.

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