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The Krims + Teddy

Auntie Teddy tagged along with us on our road trip to Storm King today...which means, she was stuffed in the back seat with the two devils (actually, Lulu was good, Nessie was a double devil). And in typical Krim fashion, we included a Costco run to add to Teddy's authentic "family" experience! Overall, I think it was a positive experience for Auntie Teddy, minus the cat fights between the girls (usually started by Nessie) and Nessie chiming my name for about 20 minutes straight on our way to Costco, desperately begging for chocolate milk.
 Let the fun begin!  Chugging chocolate milk with about
40 minutes to spare before Costco closes.
 Shoeless in Costco.  SLEEPING AT LAST!!!!!

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