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Getting to Know Leo

Leo is definitely the most popular in our household these days -- the girls adore him.  Whenever Leo is out of sight, Nessie asks, "Where's Leo?".  She usually tells me either, "Leo sleeping" or "Leo crying".  She is always by my side when I am changing him.  He sleeps well at night (up to 4 hours at a time), he loves to be held and he's just the softest, most cuddly baby ever.  He's peed in his own face twice, the pee made it into his mouth once.  He weighs 9lbs and is 22" long - this boy is eating and growing!!!!  Unfortunately, he has caught the colds of Nessie and Lulu and is very congested right now. 

The two differences so far I have noticed about boys/girls is 1) boys fart a lot more than girls 2) he already likes to put pressure on his legs and stand up, the girls (at least my girls!) didn't do this at all until over 1 year old.

A few other notes -- My morning shower is less than 5 minutes long.  Sometimes I find my toast in the toaster from the morning before.  Somebody is always crying when we leave in the morning for Babar's walk and Babar doesn't get walked until 11am at the earliest.  The other day it was 40 degrees on our morning walk, and I'm so unprepared for winter that Nessie had to wear her flannel pj's, Lulu's size 10 Ugg boots and my gloves.  I have about 6 piles of folded laundry (about 5 feet tall) waiting to be put away.  Yikes!!!!  But, I think I kind of love the chaos.  :-)

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