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Brushing Teeth with Nessie

Brushing teeth with Nessie has never been an easy task....she wouldn't open her mouth for you to brush her teeth and brushing would always end up with Nessie on our lap, her head forced back, a toothbrush shoved in her mouth with her clenching her teeth on it and her screaming hysterically.

Well, we've made some serious progress in the past few days.  The new routine is, um, very Nessie.  We go in the bathroom, I put toothpaste on her toothbrush, I tell her Nessie's turn first, then Mama's....she says, "my turn, my turn", she grabs the toothbrush, quickly eats the toothpaste (we use Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry - who knew it was so delicious...), then hands me the toothbrush and tells me, "Mama's turn".  She's then pretty good the remaining time.

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