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Nessie, The Super Soccer Star

I had a hilarious morning watching Nessie on her first day of Super Soccer Stars.  At just 2 years and 5 months, Nessie is ready to be just like her sister on the soccer field...kind of.  This is the first class that Nessie has taken where I am not participating - hilarious, I tell you!  I think the first 10 minutes of class, she was in shock.  She definitely put on her coy little Nessie act. She was extremely bashful (not shy - Nessie is not shy) and was just working her male coaches - she had them all wrapped around her finger.  They were holding her hand almost the entire class which she just loves.  There was one point in class where she looked at me with a big frown on her face and started walking, then running to me.  She jumped into my arms for a huge hug and started crying.  I gave her a huge squeeze, then sent her back to the field.  And she went right back out.  By the end, she started to get the hang of things and I even saw her smile.  This child is uber-delicious!!!!!  Pics here.

Lulu was of course an old pro....which reminded me to sign her up for AYSO for this Fall.


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