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A few months ago, I bought Nessie a scooter like Lulu's.  I hadn't given it to her until tonight.  I was tired of the two girls fighting over Lulu's scooter, so I told Nessie that I had a scooter for her.  She was thrilled.  While I opened the box, she was screaming and laughing and making cute sounds only Nessie can make.  When I opened the packaging, she looked at it and said, "oh no, broken" because it came in 2 pieces.  The girls rode around all evening, Lulu only once tried to trade up for the "new" one.

It's 11:30pm, and I just checked on the girls in bed.  Looks like they are taking great care of their scooters.  Lulu's was even wrapped in a blanket.


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