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Nessie, Oh Nessie!

Here's what happens when I give Nessie my Iphone in Costco...she took at least 50 of the exact same photo.

A few other of Nessie's quirks --

-  She is absolutely terrified of bugs ("buggies").  A fly lands on her plate, she is shaking and hysterical.  She loses it at the sight of an ant.  This will definitely need to be information I'll need to pass along to her preschool teachers.

-  She is the world's clumsiest child.  I know I said this about Lulu but Nessie takes the grand prize.  Daily, she has some kind of awful spill.

-  My favorite is when you scold her -- she'll find somebody else to pout to and then say, "No like Mama" or "No like Meowsy" or "No like Ompa" or "No like Josie" or "No like Dada". 

The child is truly one of a kind!

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