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Ballet Class Drop-Out

Well, Nessie's dreams of being a ballerina are over.  This is so very Nessie -- Nessie was great in her first ballet class....the second class and beyond is a different story.  We arrive to class, she dresses in her leotard, runs into the class, then about 2 minutes later comes out and begins undressing, saying she doesn't want to do ballet.  And when Nessie's mind is made up, there is nothing I can do to change it.  So, I tried hard to get the clothes back on her and the teacher came over to help -- the teacher asks, "Nessie, can you be my helper today", Nessie answers, "NO", the teacher asks, "How about you help with the music?", Nessie answers, "NO", the teacher asks, "Nessie, do you want to sit and watch?", Nessie answers, "NO".  Then, she says she wants to sit on mama's lap.  Oh boy.  The next class, about an hour before class, she started telling me that she didn't want to go to we didn't and we won't go until this fall....

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