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Back from DR

We spent the past 9 days in the Dominican Republic. We spent half the time at our nanny, Josie's sisters home in Santiago and the rest at Balcones de Atlantico in Las Terrenas, a condo-style hotel where the "Real Housewives of Dominican Republic" and their families hang on weekends. It was wonderful...although not without quite a bit of drama. I came down with food poisoning for 24 hours (puking a half dozen times in a public shopping area, sorry just had to add that small detail)...and while we were traveling, we were back and forth with our vet, as Babar got bit by another dog which has turned into a huge nightmere for all. On the bright side, Lulu slurped down her first oysters (actually, 8 in total) on the beach, we were witnesses to Caco's magic in a coconut tree (more about this later) and we met Josie's amazing familia!!! And the Dominican Republic is a wonderful country!!   More pics to come!!

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