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Ines is "rapida y furiosa"

While in DR, dear Nessie gained the nickname "Rapida y Furiosa" (Fast and Furious) by Josie's family.  She's definitely going through her terrible 3's stage.  Before we left, she started stealing Lulu's stuff and ripping books to shreds in her crib (then when I'd catch her, she's say in a michevious voice, "No Like Books").  She's become much more obsessive compulsive about things.  Sometimes, she is absolutely unbearable to be around...but within 10 minutes, we're smitten with her once again.  She really pulled a "classic Nessie" while we were going through customs yesterday at JFK -- literally, the second we landed, she started falling asleep, she was just exhausted.  So, all through customs, she was running around like a, we straped her down in the stroller and she proceeded to scream hysterically while we creeped along in the line....finally, after the longest 20 minutes of my life, Nessie's screams echoing in all our ears, while finishing our last paperwork, one of the customs officials bent over and gave a good speaking to her (which, yes he was a total a-hole, but at that point, Nessie completely deserved it, so I was totally cool with it) and Nessie went even more crazy and started uncontrollably kicking him.  So, we look forward to sharing the story of Nessie almost getting arrested at customs for assault of a customs officer in JFK at 3 years old on her wedding day.


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