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One Thing I Forgot to Mention...

Hi Grammy Lamb and Ompa,

Thanks for calling me from Italia. One thing that Mommy forgot to mention to you guys on the phone today is that on Monday, I fell off Mommy's bed onto the hardwood floor. Here's how it happened...Mommy and I (actually, more Mommy than me) were really tired from arriving home from Vegas that morning and she was feeding me lying down on the bed. She fell asleep and I wanted to I rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled in search of a toy, and fell off the bed. I think Mommy woke up (with a heart that was pounding out of her chest) when she heard a loud thunk. She looked around on the bed and then got up and found me lying on my back on the floor. Don't worry, I just suffered minor injuries - a small bump on my forehead and a little scab thing on my nose. I don't exactly remember what happened (but don't worry, I don't have amnesia) but we're thinking I landed on the left side of my face, then immediately rolled to my back (it sounds worse than it really was, I promise!). I cried about 5 minutes, but not my "hysterical" cry, just my "I need a hug" cry. I didn't take the whole falling thing very personally...I know Mommy really loves me. And I love her too. Sometimes Mommys just need a little break!

Talk to you when you get back from Europe!

XO Lulu!

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