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Nessie & The Cuna

My biggest nightmere has come true -- Nessie, 3 1/4 years, can climb out of her cuna.  Up until just last night, I had scared her into thinking she would fall out and get a purple bump if she tried to climb out.

After I sent the kids to bed, I was watching TV and in come the Bobsey Twins hand in hand, grinning from ear to ear.  I was horrified.  I sent them to bed and they proceeded to visit me several more times.  When I was ready to go to bed, I heard them snickering and I found them "sleeping" together in Lulu's bed.  Finally, at 11:15pm (it's a school night), I get into bed and they visit me one last time, claiming Nessie has to go poop.  I set her on the toilet, of course no poop comes out, then I get really mad.  I recline the stroller, buckle her in and tell her she is sleeping there.  Her eyes can hardly stay open at this point and she cries, so I move her to her cuna and finally she went to sleep.

I am tired.  But I'm staying up to write this post and to buy a bunk bed.

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