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Grizabella is Really Cute!!

Here's our little Nessie in her preschool photos. The photographer contacted me to use her pics in their brochures.  She made up those poses on her own. 

A bit more about Nessie, this photo and why I call her Grizabella.  Nessie and Lulu received these matching pink dresses from Lollipoppy.  It was love at first sight for Nessie and this dress. She basically claimed both dresses as her own. She also very quickly got marker stains on one and a large hole in the other, which is why we adopted the nickname Nessie's "Grizabella dress" (you know, from Cats, the musical, Grizabella was the old, scraggly cat that sang 'Memory').   She would literally wear this dress everyday, at home, to school and to bed, in the dead of (a mild) winter.   There were days when she would only go to school if she could wear that dress.  Come school picture day, Nessie picks her Grizabella dress to wear - it's filthy and she wore it to bed the night before and to school the day before.  Ok, she's right, she does look darn cute as Grizabella.

Unfortunately, the Grizabella dresses are no longer with us. Sometimes Nessie is very naughty, so she had to say goodbye to them. Btw - boy have times changed. I never thought I'd let my kids wear all pink, ruffle socks and bows!!!  Girly girls!!

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