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Art Auction Creation

For the past 2 months, I've been working with Lulu's kindergarten class to create their "class auction project". Each class needed to create a project to auction off at (last night's) school auction. I volunteered to head up the project - how hard can it be? It was actually quite challenging -- Lulu's teacher is very opinionated (project had to follow their curriculum!) and she rejected my first idea.  I scraped together another idea and she approved.

In the end, the project and vision came together in a wonderful way. The original "Map of PS 87" (in Spanish, since Lulu is in the dual-language class) is a 2x3' painted/collaged canvas that I fought hard for at the auction last night and am now $1100 poorer - it's amazing. We also made notecards (actual colors are a little off in the photo) of the canvas for the other parents to buy, which raised another $400. I'm so proud of the beautiful job these little 5 year old's did.  And, I scored major brownie points with Lulu's teacher, she loves me!! Btw -- Lulu was in charge of "El Salon de Arte", the art room. It's the smallish yellow room in the middle. She drew a bunch of masks that were hanging on the wall of the art room.

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