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New Jersey Peach Picking

A few weekends ago, we headed out to New Jersey for peach picking.

It started off bad -- it took us over 1 hour to get off the island of Manhattan. Then, it got worse -- at lunch, Leo pounded a chocolate malt, then ate big chunks of hot dog (that became one giant bolus) and when I arrived back to our table after a trip to the bathroom with the girls, there was a huge vomit all over Leo, his clothes and a large pool under his high chair. While Kevin sat like a deer in headlights (seriously, if I saw it happen, I probably would have been too, it was like a triple barf), I cleaned us up, and ran out without looking at a soul.

Leo was now clothes-less and we all smelled like chocolate vomit. But we pushed on for good peaches. As luck would have it, there was a little kids consignment store just 1 mile from the farm, so I quickly picked out this adorable outfit you see him wearing (lucky too because his only other option was a white 18-month old onesie).  More pics here.

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