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Lego Land

(and I'm finally up-to-date on all our photos - wahoo!!)

We had a blast celebrating Cousin Eli's 3rd birthday at Lego Land in July!  More photos here.

One of the more notable moments of the day was Nessie getting behind the wheel of a real Lego car.    It's a ride for kids 5 and under (sorry Lulu) and the kids get to drive a small Lego car with an accelerator and steering wheel on a little race track.  Ok, so I admit that I'm not sure how Nessie will do on this -- I'm thinking she could be either really bad and meltdown or be really good.  She started out by turning sideways and crashing her car immediately into the side bumper.  Once she was straightened out again, things clicked in Nessie's brain and she switched into race-car driver mode.  She was full speed, weaving in and out of other cars, leaning around the curve - she had the look of fierce determination.  Hmmm, we should all be very scared...!!!

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